Team: Moms Demand You Vote!

Welcome to the Moms Demand You Vote team! We have several sub-teams for local communities across the state, so please join the group you're closest to or reach out to us if you'd like to start a new team. Our group helps our community get engaged in voting, while also supporting common-sense gun safety prevention measures. Make a difference -- get involved!

Moms Demand You Vote! has sub teams you can join.

Election Metrics for Moms Demand You Vote!

Overall Metrics

623 / 648Contacts Registered To Vote
53%Low Propensity
345 / 648Contacts with a voter propensity of 2 or lower.

Municipal General 202111/02/2021  39 days until election

0 / 648Contacts who have voted
0%VBM Request
0 / 648Contacts who have requested to vote by mail

Municipal Primary 202108/03/2021

134 / 648Contacts who have voted
2%VBM Request
15 / 648Contacts who have requested to vote by mail

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